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The Advocate Speaker

Building Connections

I thrive on assisting the forgotten within our society, a forgotten without a voice. It is evident per my actions that once an individual decides to stand, it is at that particular moment they've won the battle of self confidence.

We all have rights within a society

With such rights is a responsibility to move forward and exercise those rights and in some cases right those rights which are unseen or in non existence in your community.

United We Stand, Divided We Fall

As a united front, realizing the power within oneself in the collective framework of organizing, is essential.

The Community Organizer


As a leader, are you solving the right problems, are you familiar with the seven practices for effective reframing, are you familiar with the paradoxes of leadership, what is your paradoxical mindset and are you as a leader managing with a dynamic equilibrium, simply a few guides and understanding the complexities of real leadership within a community.

Hands on Workforce Development

Workforce Development is only one aspect of the total Economic Development. Within the 5 Families of Economic Development are:  (Organizational Development, Market Development, Product Development, Business Development and Workforce Development). In order to have a successful Economic Development Plan for your community, YOU MUST adhere to all Five Families of Economic Development. See my Economic Development page


An effective tool for the progression of any community


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